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Global Knives Review

Global Knives Introduction and history
Originally created by Komin Yamada in 1985: his mission was to create a range of knives that were new and revolutionary, using the best materials and the best manufacturing. The knives had to appeal to professional and amateur chefs and be comfortable with superior handling for demanding usage.

Japanese knives are considered of superior quality in part to the cultural heritage of the swordsmiths who developed their skills in sword making for the Samurai warriors. This tradition has continued with Japanese craftsmen now being among the best knife makers in the world.

The history behind the knives originates from the ancient culture of Japanese cooking and the precision and accuracy that many Oriental cooking traditions require. Influence from the sharp swords of the Samurai have had an imprint of these Japanese inspired Knives – as the sharp high quality knives bring the same craftsmanship and high quality design to something much smaller – but more universally used.

Global Knives have been leading the way in kitchen technology for almost three decades and today are manufactured by the company Yoshikin, in Niigata, Japan.

Global knives features: Global Knives review

The blade
The Global Knives review starts with the most important element to a knife: the edge and the blade. It is this part of the knife that has been patented and that makes these products truly special and different from any competitors.

Unlike most Western or European knives, Global Knives are ground steeply into a precise angle. With most Western or European brands you will find the blade has only been shaped into a bevelled edge. The Global knife is ground on both sides and finished with a steep acute edge, which can be seen with the naked eye. This steep angle ensues the blade has total precision from a much sharper blade than can be achieved with a Western cut knife and also holds its shape and stays sharper for longer.

Global Knives review

The Balance
The second most important factor of a Global Knives review is the balance. Any great chef will tell you that the way a knife handles and its balance is of the upmost importance. The Global Knives unique system uses the precise amount of sand inside the hollow handle. Whilst other knife manufacturers may use the full tang or bolster method for balancing – Global Knives consider theirs a more precise method without the need for a bolster which can impede knife skills in Asian cuisine.

CROMOVA 18, the specialist material
Global knives are crafted from a High Carbon Stainless Steel, with a unique mix of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium. The specialist material exclusively developed for Global is called CROMOVA 18:
CRO – chromium – excellent stain resistance
MO – molybdenum – sharp edge retention
VA – vanadium – sharp edge retention
18 – 18% of chromium in the steel

This specialist steel mix ensures a material that is hard enough to ensure the blade can hold its shape and acute edge for a long time whilst also being soft enough to yield to being sharpened.

Global knives stay sharper for longer because of the combination of material and blade cut.

Global Knives use only the best materials available – making them a luxury product – but also an extremely durable and trustworthy one. As any chef will tell you, the quality of a knife is something hugely important, and something that affects not only the speed of your work but the efficiency of it too. Global knives have been specifically designed to provide you with comfort and ease, even in the most demanding of kitchen scenarios.

Global Knives Series in range

Over 100 products to choose from in an impressive range of professional chefs knives products. Chefs knives are a very personal item and each individual will have their own preference and each knife has its own purpose. Below is a run-through of the Global Knives ranges:

Global G series: These are the classic collection of large knives, and are great for general preparation. The quality will also suit the more adventurous chef too – as these knives will rise to all cooking challenges.

Global GS series: The GS series is similar to the series above – but the knives are medium and small sized. Again, suited to general preparation.

Global GSF series : This series are the smallest ranges of knives from the brand, and all had solid handles too. These are suited to those wanting to improve their peeling, chopping and paring skills.

Global GF series : This series is perhaps the range favoured most by professional chefs. The range is drop forged and suitable for general preparation.

Global Knives Tableware: The perfect compliment to the knife range a collection of steak knives, spoons and chopsticks.

Global Knife Sets : A perfect gift or an ideal collection starting point. Varying sizes and block sets available. Each set has a different selection of knives.

Global Knife Storage : Knife storage is exceptionally important to retain blade sharpeness and for safety. Blocks, gift cases and magnetic racks will keep your knives in perfect condition.

Global Knife Sharpeners : Whetstone sharpeners and Minosharp pull-through sharpeners will keep your blade in razor sharp condition. We recommend Global sharpeners for use with Global knives.

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