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Tamahagane, a carbon steel smelted in a clay furnace for over three days is the material traditional Japanese swords are made from for over 1000 years. This process of producing Tamahagane steel has given its name to these great knives. Repeated rolling reduces the 63 layers of steel from 20mm to 2mm. After this rolling process, the core material of VG5 steel reaches a hardness of 59-60 degrees Rockwell, with a thickness of 0.65mm. The outer 62 layers of softer SUS410 steel retain their hardness level of 28-32 degrees Rockwell and provide a degree of flexibility. The resulting blade is sharper and retains its sharpness for longer than a normal solid blade knife. The handle is made from Micarta, a strongly compressed laminated linen. It is very comfortable in use and well balanced.
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