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We offer a comprehensive range of sharpeners to suit every requirement. See our knife sharpening guides on how to use a whetstone, how to use a sharpening steel and how to use a Minosharp pull through sharpener.

Minosharp pull  through sharpeners are becoming ever more popular and we offer the full range. The Minosharp SH-220 is best suited for narrow bladed knives like Global, the Minosharp SH-440 is a universal sharpener suitable for all knives and the Minosharp Plus 3 SH-550 has the advantage of a third finer grinding wheel. The Kasumi Diamond pull through sharpener, Victorinox Rubicut sharpener and the Chantry knife pull through sharpener are also available.

The preffered metod of many chefs of sharpening knives is by using a whetstone. We offer products from Kasumi, Global, Henckels and Minosharp. Most are available in various grades with many being dual sided offering two grades on one stone. Rough Finish (220/250 GRIT) should be used when knife blades are chipped, damaged or completely blunt, Medium Finish (1000 GRIT) is the main grade required for sharpening knives which have become blunt, Fine Finish (3000 GRIT) can be used to finish your knife off and Super Fine Finish (6000/8000 GRIT) should be used to finely hone your knife.

Our comprehensive range of sharpening steels include both traditional steels and diamond steels are also available.